Thursday, April 17, 2008

Savage Critical of Texas Lawmen

For the past two days Michael Savage has been firing a barrage of words against those involved in the actions of Texas Lawmen and the child protective services all of whom appear to have forgotten which country they live in. Savage compared this debacle to actions of Nazis in World War 2 Germany.

Though that might be a little over the top what I find far more disturbing is that only Savage is talking about this issue. The only other conversation about the matter is talk show hosts making jokes about it.

Certainly due to the fact that it involves a polygamist sect of Mormonism which even most Mormons reject it has been easy for many to ignore it. But to ignore this matter is to be short sighted in recognizing the evil which lurks behind such clearly illegal government action.

When a governmental agency which allegedly receives a phone call from one sixteen year old girl and moves in like a military invasion force and removes over four hundred children from a religious community one has to ask what is really going on.

At no time in recent years has the government of the United States of America ever acted in such an irresponsible manner. So how is it possible that something of this magnitude can this take place without the raising of an eyebrow?

This is clearly an issue which the Justice Department of the United States has to investigate immediately! Are we all so broken morally that we no longer possess the virtue to stand up for our God given right to freedom and Justice?

The facts seem to point to the reality that this group is practicing polygamy which the average citizen finds either odd or perhaps offensive. But in a society which finds no problem with homosexuality and which might soon make same gender marriage legal then how is it that they move against people who have chosen to practice multiple heterosexual marriage.

Perhaps a portion of this action is aimed at this group because thay not only endorse heterosexual marriage but practice the "offensive act" of sexual intercourse for procreation. Yes friend these people are breeders.

Certainly it might be advisable to launch an investigation into the matter of children being sexual molested or worse in a secretive society. From what I have seen in the news coverage it would appear that there is plenty to be concerned about.

When one is raised in a cult which keeps free from all outside society it becomes impossible for children to make an educated decision which means that they are likely victims of their own society.

It is difficult to find a balance in what rights the State has in protecting children and the rights of the parents of those same children. Children are under law the responsibility of their parents. If one were to fall short of that responsibility then they might have to answer to the authorities.

But this act against an entire religious community is clearly an act of government overstepping its authority. Today the polygamist, tomorrow the Jew and then every other group which the enemies of religion and communities of faith bring into the gun sight.

This action in Texas is not about child welfare it is about the destruction of the religious community which is in my view the last line in the defense against the implementation of a totalitarian regime.

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In stating in paragraph number five “At no time in recent years has the government of the United States of America ever acted in such an irresponsible manner” I failed to mention the "Waco" incident which was also of course related to a religious sect of Branch Dividians. Then there is also the example of “Ruby Ridge.” Both Waco and Ruby Ridge involved loss of life. But still in my view the current situation is far greater in scope.